OpenCL / CUDA in Ubuntu

Stefano Rivera stefanor at
Thu Oct 4 09:54:47 UTC 2012

Hi Dmitrijs (2012.10.01_10:47:52_+0200)
> Earlier in the cycle I have synced pyopencl and discussed bug 763457
> [1] with graphics drivers maintainer/uploader.
> Later I realised that potentially that bug is a duplicate of a wider
> in scope bug 950963 [2]
> Currently pyopencl is not installable in quantal. [3]

Quite possibly those should be demoted to Recommends, so that users who
have installed OpenCL from outside our package world can use it. (As
icky as that is, what choice are we giving them? The CUDA tools aren't

> Should I do s/opencl-icd/fglrx | nvidia-current/ in the pyopencl package
> or
> will we modify the graphics packages to provide the virtual packages
> requested in the bugs mentioned?

The provides is what we want long term, as long as there aren't going to
be any versioned depends.


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