Patch pilot report, 2012-03-21.

Luke Yelavich themuso at
Wed Mar 21 03:08:06 UTC 2012

Patch pilot report:

Bug #960146 - Sync Wireshark 1.6.5-2 from Debian Unstable FFE: Synced

lp:~geoubuntu/ubuntu/precise/tvtime/fix-959408: Uploaded

lp:~tkluck/ubuntu/precise/gnome-shell/lp883443: Referred it to Jeremy Bicha for review, since he maintains gnome-shell in precise.

Bug #959080 - Sync linaro-image-tools from Debian Unstable: Requires an FFE, indicated as such with pointers as to requesting an exception.

lp:~chilicuil/ubuntu/precise/klavaro/fix-953753: Uploaded

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