Every Ubuntu developer is a Unity developer?

Micah Gersten micahg at ubuntu.com
Mon Mar 19 00:42:43 UTC 2012

You're an explicit member of the team since 2010-06-14, I have no idea why.

On 03/18/2012 07:24 PM, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> Could whoever is administrator for the appropriate teams arrange it so that 
> ubuntu-dev don't get mails like this?
> Thanks,
> Scott K
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> Subject: Questions and Suggestions on Unity as of last  Beta
> Date: Sunday, March 18, 2012, 08:28:08 PM
> From: Buyongo Phiri <buyongo at 4twenty5.com>
> To: Scott Kitterman <ubuntu at kitterman.com>
> Hello folks,
> These are my comments and questions on dash and launcher behaviour,
> please let me know if I am in the right place and if everything makes
> sense and whatnot.
> When you click on the ubuntu(dash-invoker button) you are presented with
> recent apps, isnt it redundant to have recent apps on the apps lens*?
> Also shouldnt the apps lens categorize applications instead of an
> alphabetically listing all of them? Its a real eye-sore moving around
> seaching for power settings or something and even worse when you dont
> know* or remember the app name.
> (*Recent apps-maybe it would be better to have two rows by default
> instead of having a user click to see the second row?? )
> I think something like so would be visually more agreeable...
> App dash
> [Recent Apps - *Redundant because you see the same information when dash
> launches] Maybe it should go?
> Label - Accessories                                             Filter
> All Apps under this category                                    [Jump to
> section*?]
> Label - Accesibility
> All Apps under this category
> Label - Customisation
> All Apps under this category
> Also maybe a colour coded overlay for the different app sections or all
> apps in a certain category will have a certain colour when hovered
> over*?
> My last question is for the launcher, would it be easier to have the
> launcher pin running apps to the top like so.
> Dash invoker button
> [running apps]
> {spacer of some sort for visual whitespace}
> Favourites
> Trash
> When I have my laucher full of apps that are running and it mixes with
> my favourites it can be quite cluttered and there isnt a real easy way
> to scroll around. For example on my computer it is as follows.
> Dash invoker
> Firefox
> Software center
> Text editor
> Home folder
> Terminal
> Miro
> Abiword
> Eclipse
> etc*
> Running app
> Running app
> Running app thats in my launcher
> Maybe it would work better if all running apps where at the top then if
> an app is pinned to the launcher and running it simply moves up the
> "food chain" when not running it moves back to its launcher slot.And to
> make sure users can see the distinction, the area covered by running
> apps should have a slightly different colour.

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