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Could whoever is administrator for the appropriate teams arrange it so that 
ubuntu-dev don't get mails like this?


Scott K

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Subject: Questions and Suggestions on Unity as of last  Beta
Date: Sunday, March 18, 2012, 08:28:08 PM
From: Buyongo Phiri <buyongo at 4twenty5.com>
To: Scott Kitterman <ubuntu at kitterman.com>

Hello folks,

These are my comments and questions on dash and launcher behaviour,
please let me know if I am in the right place and if everything makes
sense and whatnot.

When you click on the ubuntu(dash-invoker button) you are presented with
recent apps, isnt it redundant to have recent apps on the apps lens*?
Also shouldnt the apps lens categorize applications instead of an
alphabetically listing all of them? Its a real eye-sore moving around
seaching for power settings or something and even worse when you dont
know* or remember the app name.
(*Recent apps-maybe it would be better to have two rows by default
instead of having a user click to see the second row?? )

I think something like so would be visually more agreeable...

App dash

[Recent Apps - *Redundant because you see the same information when dash
launches] Maybe it should go?

Label - Accessories                                             Filter
All Apps under this category                                    [Jump to

Label - Accesibility
All Apps under this category

Label - Customisation
All Apps under this category

Also maybe a colour coded overlay for the different app sections or all
apps in a certain category will have a certain colour when hovered

My last question is for the launcher, would it be easier to have the
launcher pin running apps to the top like so.

Dash invoker button
[running apps]
{spacer of some sort for visual whitespace}

When I have my laucher full of apps that are running and it mixes with
my favourites it can be quite cluttered and there isnt a real easy way
to scroll around. For example on my computer it is as follows.

Dash invoker
Software center
Text editor
Home folder
Running app
Running app
Running app thats in my launcher

Maybe it would work better if all running apps where at the top then if
an app is pinned to the launcher and running it simply moves up the
"food chain" when not running it moves back to its launcher slot.And to
make sure users can see the distinction, the area covered by running
apps should have a slightly different colour.
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