ClickPads and Click Actions

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at
Thu Mar 1 00:07:53 UTC 2012

Chase, I already had 2 finger tapping for right click in oneiric... This
would be a regression, unless I'm mistaken. The multitouch click and
drag is huge on the these devices, so I would have to say that's the
more important one. Are you saying you can do that along with allowing
right click by pressing the right side of the pad? If I didn't want to
split my clickpad, how else could I right click under your scenario?


On 02/29/2012 05:18 PM, Chase Douglas wrote:
> On 02/29/2012 02:11 PM, Nicholas Skaggs wrote:
>> Chase, I would try and make the use case of clicking and dragging along
>> with 2 finger clicking work. The other scenario could possibly be worked
>> out via a ppa or script for users who wish to change or otherwise enable
>> the split clickpad. I personally don't like the split clickpad idea and
>> I think making things standard for all users would be best. Aka,
>> 1 finger tap/click = left click
>> 2 finger tap/click = right click
>> multitouch click and drag = just works :-)
> Well, the point of this thread is that we can't do all three :). We're
> past the feature freeze, and I don't have the time to hack up a
> solution that enables them all at the same time :(.
> Do you have a preference between having multitouch click and drag vs 2
> finger click for right click?
>> It's late and I'm failing to remember.. is tap to click configurable for
>> this? IE, I can tap the clickpad for a click, or I have to depress the
>> clickpad to register a click.
> Tap to click is still possible, and a two touch tap will still trigger
> a right click. However, tap to click is not enabled by default. Check
> in the mouse and trackpad settings for the option.
> Thanks,
> -- Chase

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