ClickPads and Click Actions

Chase Douglas chase.douglas at
Thu Mar 1 00:20:04 UTC 2012

On 02/29/2012 04:07 PM, Nicholas Skaggs wrote:
> Chase, I already had 2 finger tapping for right click in oneiric... This
> would be a regression, unless I'm mistaken. The multitouch click and
> drag is huge on the these devices, so I would have to say that's the
> more important one. Are you saying you can do that along with allowing
> right click by pressing the right side of the pad? If I didn't want to
> split my clickpad, how else could I right click under your scenario?

First, I need to clear one issue up: tapping vs pressing. On a clickpad, 
the user can tap by momentarily touching the touch surface without 
depressing the touchpad itself. A press is performed when the user 
physically presses on the touchpad so that it moves downward and causes 
a physical button press to be emitted.

Under all options, two touch tap to emit a right click will work as it 
always has. Note that tap to click is not enabled by default.

The issue lies with two touch press to perform a right button press. In 
clickpad mode, this will not be possible and is a regression. The 
options for getting right click behavior are: a) enable the right button 
area or b) enable tap to click and perform a two-touch tap. There are 
many people who hate tap to click, so relying on b would be bad.

If we make the assumption that right click must be possible, then we 
either need to enable the right button area whenever clickpad 
functionality is enabled, or we need to disable clickpad functionality.

The button area I would propose would be the lower right of the 
trackpad, from half way across in the horizontal direction, and 18% of 
the height of the trackpad.

It sounds like you are suggesting that multitouch press and drag is 
important enough to impose this regression, so does that mean you are ok 
with enabling the right button area by default?


-- Chase

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