stable+1 handover for May

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Jun 1 05:51:19 UTC 2012

Hello all,

Mathieu and I were on the stable+1 team for May. It really only was
for the last two weeks, though, before we did not have a schedule.

I dealt with fixing uninstallability and worked on
component-mismatches, while Mathieu looked at NBS. TBH I did not get
to work on stable+1 full time, as I also had some desktop work to do
before my role change today. But given how early we still are in the
quantal cycle, the archive is actually in a not too bad shape even
with the non-fulltime activity. I'll give a quick summary/status of
the individual areas.

Daily images
Images were built on every day, and they should be by and large
working. I did not manually test every day, but I booted the live
desktop every now and then, and did several test installs in kvm last
week. There is a bug in the time zone selection which you can just
skip over (#1003443), otherwise the installation works flawlessly.

QA just got
set up in the past days, and until yesterday there were still some
problems with the test rig. Today the tests are actually working, and
all images work except for above time zone problem (#1003443).


Upgrades from Precise have pretty much been working all the time.


A week ago I actually got it down to zero. Last week we only had one
packages on it (NBS linux-tools on the ti-omap4 kernel; apparently
these disappear with every other ti-omap4 kernel upload).

Yesterday's compiz FTBFS on ARM now caused some trouble and should be
fixed ASAP. 

flash-kernel is uninstallable on arm because of the linux-base MIR

I. e. at the time of this writing, i386/amd64 have zero
uninstallables, armhf has the above 5.

Component mismatches

The Debian autosyncs/merges pull in quite a number of new packages. I
sorted out the first 50-or-so packages by dropping the old Ubuntu DVD
seed and other seed adjustments, filing MIRs for the packages that we
do want to have in main (many already got approved and promoted).

So most stuff there is now just waiting on MIR review. The "roaraudio"
block hanging off openal-soft should not go into main, but instead
openal-soft should get demoted to universe. The only rdepends is
kdegames, and I believe Kubuntu wants to move to universe this cycle.
If not, the dependency should be eliminated (or kgoldrunner built
separately in universe or dropped).

The big new Ruby block is currently being discussed in LP#894827.

guile-2.0 is a transition from guile-1.8 which the desktop team will
do soon.

I haven't yet looked at the remaining few (libgusb, pps-tools, spice).

As expected during the autosync/merge window, this keeps being huge.
The big "ace/tao" blocks are dep-waiting on dpkg >= 1.16.2, and in
general we have a few depwaits because of outstanding merges. Adam
Conrad kindly volunteered to look into the (highly non-trivial) dpkg
merge, after that a lot here should resolve itself. Other than that,
not much to say about "this needs more work and people doing merges".

We did not look into other areas such as FTBFS or infrastructure
development in these two weeks.


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