Patch pilot report 2012-01-26

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Fri Jan 27 20:20:13 UTC 2012

lp #754000 - Longstanding patch to -synaptics
 Needs to be melded with cnd's recent work -> Needs Fixing

 Already fixed independently -> Merged

lp #920284 - Needs elaboration -> Unsubscribed

lp #920699 - Sync request for mdbtools -> Sync'd

lp #802186 - Verified already fixed in precise
 -> Closed, unsubscribed, mentioned SRU process

lp:~om26er/ubuntu/oneiric/light-themes/fix-904746 - Recent comment says
 branch no longer needed, so disapproved merge request.

 Added review comment -> Needs Fixing

 Provided review comments -> Needs Fixing

Remainder of time spent gardening various SRU requests.

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