Nexus7 Now running 13.04

Sean Feole sean.feole at
Fri Dec 7 18:34:11 UTC 2012

Hey All,

I thought it would be appropriate to send a quick note out for all you 
Nexus7 users that may have missed todays ubuntu meeting on Freenode.

This week we announced that the 13.04 
<> build is 
available for download. New features include:

Added the oem installer, so no more preinstalled images!! Users can 
select their desired Language / Time Zone and Username

The ubuntu-installer-nexus7 was recently updated to rev 1.7 , this new 
version now flashes the 13.04 daily builds
For those of you that may not have the installer, you can go grab it @ 

If some of you want to dist-upgrade from 12.10 -> 13.04 then you may hit 
some known issues.

Please refer to the following bugs:

These are the only bugs I found when dist-upgrading. We are urging 
everyone to re-flash if you don't want to deal with the workarounds.

Serial Debug is a new feature that was recently added for 13.04, to 
enable and use, simply plug the usb cable into the Nexus7, connect to 
your computer and via a terminal type:

  * "screen /dev/ttyACM0 115200"

This should drop you into a login prompt. To kill, issue "ctrl-a k"

Refer to the wiki for more info @


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