[ubuntu/quantal] python-quantumclient 1:2.0-0ubuntu2 (Accepted)

Stefano Rivera stefanor at ubuntu.com
Tue Aug 28 13:57:04 UTC 2012

Hi Adam (2012.08.28_01:35:16_+0200)
> python-quantumclient (1:2.0-0ubuntu2) quantal; urgency=low
>   * debian/control: Set Provides: ${python:Provides}. (LP: #1042468)

The solution there isn't adding ${python:Provides}. ${python:Provides}
is very rarely needed, and hard to use correctly. It's only useful in
arch-dependant packages that are reverse-dependencies of packages that
don't support all supported python versions. i.e. never :)

The problem (LP: #1042468) was:
Depends: ${python:Provides}

Depending on ${python:Provides} is totally insane. You did notice that
and fix that in the upload, but it wasn't mentioned in the changelog.


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