Syncing via LP and syncpackage

Stefano Rivera stefanor at
Sun Sep 25 07:53:30 UTC 2011

Hi Andrew (2011.09.24_22:18:32_+0200)
> I've noticed that the long awaited Launchpad sync button has shown up
> on the +localpackagediffs page. [0] I've also noted that as of 0.129
>  the syncpackage script in ubuntu-dev-tools now uses the LP API:
> Can I start using this?

Yes, it hasn't been announced yet, but is mostly safe to use.

Please use syncpackage, rather than the web interface, because
syncpackage can do more checks (blacklisting, tarball mismatch,
overriding Ubuntu delta).

There are still issues with this process, which you should be aware of,
if using it: - You aren't credited with the upload,
and won't receive build failure e-mail. - Sponsorees can't be credited for
syncs either. - No diffs of the +queue page for the
archive admins to review.


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