pre-release 11.10 images are available for testing....

Kate Stewart kate.stewart at
Sat Oct 8 01:37:49 UTC 2011

Hi all,
   Have been getting some 1:1 questions today, asking about the release
candidates, so wanted to follow up with a wider post.   Apologies for
any duplicates of this message you receive. 

   The images that are the trial run for the official images, were
posted up on the iso tester last night/today.  The most recent language
pack updates should now be included on those images rebuilt today as
well.  They are now very close to what we'll be building as the formal
candidate images on sunday/monday.   

   Any help you can give in testing the images available on the iso
tester out over the next couple of days would be much appreciated.  The
latest images can be found:

   Thanks for any help you can provide us with testing these pre-release

on behalf of the release team.

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