Patch pilot report: 2011-10-06

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Thu Oct 6 12:10:29 UTC 2011

Hello everybody,

these are the bits I got through today:
 - unsubscribed sponsors, upload not necessary for oneiric
 - sync request was ACKed already, unsubscribing sponsors
 - fix was uploaded already, unsubscribed sponsors
 - uploaded
 - superficial review, found a few small mistakes
 - depends on another fix, marked as 'work-in-progress'
 - typo fix, pointed out that it should go upstream first - David
Henningson agreed to take it upstream
 - found a missing Depends, checked in with the package maintainer
 - asked to set the MP to merged - got uploaded already
 - asked for MP to be rejected, fixed in oneiric, no SRU necessary
 - set to merged
 - marked as Fixed (fix got into Debian and synced from there)

Have a great day,

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