Renaming the Packaging Guide

Stefano Rivera stefanor at
Wed Nov 30 11:42:15 UTC 2011

Hi Daniel (2011.11.25_12:23:48_+0200)
> I think it might be helpful to rename the Packaging Guide to something a
> bit more clear, like Ubuntu Platform Development Guide or Ubuntu
> Platform Guide or something along those lines.

My get response to this is that I don't like the word "Platform". It
makes it sound really big and dull, and says nothing about what to
expect in it. An Ubuntu Platform guide could be about Administering
Ubuntu. Or it could be a big diagram showing how userspace sits on top
of the kernel (oh, we have one of those :) ).

But that's not what it is. This is a guide about how to package things,
work on packaging, work with our packaging branches, and understand some
of our processes. Those are all necessary components for fixing bugs and
making changes in Ubuntu.

So, to me it's an Ubuntu Development Guide.

If I understand correctly, one of the concerns here is that new
developers, wanting to ship their apps with/on Ubuntu aren't realising
that they can help improve Ubuntu itself. I think the solution there is
to have a smaller gap between the "Ubuntu Development" documentation and
whatever "stuff on top of Ubuntu" docs we are preparing for them.

On the developer.u.c website right now, the packaging guide is hiding
under Tools, which is the last place I'd expect to find it. From the 6
categories on the left, I'd probably most expect to find it under
the Platform section. But I still don't consider a Platform Guide to be
a particularly good name for it. I think it exudes boredom and says


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