Renaming the Packaging Guide

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Nov 28 09:37:48 UTC 2011

Hello Martin,

thanks for your reply.

Am 28.11.2011 09:42, schrieb Martin Pool:
>> I think it might be helpful to rename the Packaging Guide to something a
>> bit more clear, like Ubuntu Platform Development Guide or Ubuntu
>> Platform Guide or something along those lines.
> I think it probably makes sense to either rename it, or make it one
> volume of a larger Ubuntu Platform Development Guide.

I personally think that renaming should be fine, but I thought it'd be
good to get more opinions first.

All of the topics below are covered in the guide to some degree, but
there's more work planned:

 - bzr usage (890273, 845860, 866103 filed)
 - Launchpad usage (780964 filed)
 - infrastructure (877251, 788165, 816427 filed)
 - communications (885317, 890593 filed)
 - working with external projects (704845, 793899 filed)

Have a great day,

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