UDS-P quick highlights

Allison Randal allison at canonical.com
Wed Nov 9 03:11:59 UTC 2011

A quick summary for people who couldn't attend (or couldn't attend every

As this is an LTS cycle, there was a heavy emphasis running through the
whole week on quality, stability, testing, and clearing out bugs.

Ubuntu project:
- Hosted a leadership summit, community leaders getting together,
highlighting community opportunity to participate, how to grow and
support our leaders, building an appreciative culture, constructive
criticism, leading by good example
- Starting up community user experience/design team, with a project this
cycle to explore one user journey and implement improvements
- Ayatana list to be replaced with specific lists for collaborating
around TV, tablet, phone, and around user journeys
- Revitalizing papercuts project
- Putting together an advisory board around onboarding new developers
- Continuing work on Harvest
- New initiatives around app developers, next iteration of
- Ramping up the ARB to handle increased demand
- Consider closing REVU, pointing devs to IRC instead (where the current
activity is), longer-term consider integrating NEW package review with
- The weekly release meeting is taking a new streamlined format, Kate
will send out details.
- LTS designations for flavors will be reviewed/approved by the Ubuntu
Technical Board.

Ubuntu (desktop):
- GNOME version 3.2, some libraries updated to 3.4
- Python 2.7 and 3.2 on the CD
- Making Unity more configurable
- Goal of 100% accessible, achievable for both Unity 2D and 3D
- Cleanup in the control center
- Multimonitor work
- Thunderbird enhancements
- Considering switch back to Rhythmbox (see discussion on ubuntu-desktop
- Eliminate text in boot
- Another regular maintenance pass on boot speed

- Introducing new flavor: Kubuntu Active for tablets and mobiles
- May be switching to LightDM, possibly to telepathy-kde
- Improvements to accessibility and CJK

- Will be switching to LightDM by default
- Work on multiple user experience pieces
- Unlikely to fully migrate to GTK3 for 12.04, though will make progress
toward future switch
- Optimizations: fast over beautiful in the default theme, watch memory
usage (replace update-notifier)

- Will apply to Tech Board for LTS status
- iTalc replaced by Epoptes
- Improvements to LTSP-live

- Cloud install experience, cloud power management, getting fresh cloud
images out, cloud-live project, improvements to cloud-utils, cloud-init,
and cloud images, consolidating cloud build tools
- Top requested features for Orchestra
- Continued work on ARM server
- Juju getting ready for production deployments
- Building the charms community

It's shaping up to be another great cycle! Thanks to all who contributed
to the planning, and to all who will contribute to the Pangolin.


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