Evan Broder evan at
Wed Nov 9 01:38:35 UTC 2011

On Wed, Nov 2, 2011 at 5:55 AM, Evan Broder <evan at> wrote:
> We talked about this in the other-p-plusonemaint-infrastructure
> session yesterday. I have some experience with this from setting up
>, so I volunteered to see if I can get something
> up and running quickly on ajmitch has told me that
> uw.o has the resources to host the local archive mirror that's
> required; it'll just take a little bit of shuffling around. I'm
> hopeful that I can get an early prototype up and running by the end of
> UDS.

This is now live at <>. Thanks to
ajmitch and others for assisting with the setup!

I have it set to update about once an hour, though I might crank it
down a bit if it has problems keeping up.

It's using the lintian source package from Precise, with a tiny number
of templating and theming patches. Updating to a new lintian version
is a manual process, so please ping me if I don't notice new versions

I've tried to change all the links to sites to their
Ubuntu/Launchpad counterparts, but let me know if I missed any.

I'm also aware that we're currently spitting out an
unknown-field-in-control lintian tag from the Original-Maintainer
field on every binary package, which seems to be pkgbinarymangler's
fault. I'm planning to follow up with lintian upstream to see if we
can come up with a mutually agreeable way to suppress that.

Other future plans include:
 - Loading the output into so we can do
interesting queries against the output
 - Generating a set of reports based just on Ubuntu-specific or
Ubuntu-modified packages
 - Attempting to add a lintian tag to catch the .xz binary/dpkg
Pre-Depends issue

If there is more that lintian.uw.o could be doing for you, please let me know!

- Evan

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