Using something better than Gobby for session notes at UDS

Alan Pope alan at
Thu Mar 24 21:02:54 UTC 2011

On 24 March2011 18:49, Philipp Kern <pkern at> wrote:
> Elaborate critique.  Or rather: Care to elaborate?  Did you file bugs?

For more than one UDS I've been a remote participant. Using Gobby over
a proxied connection (at work for example) is a painful experience,
especially from a work-supplied Windows computer. Whilst I can listen
in to conversations because icecast streams are delivered over http, I
found it impossible to contribute to documenting sessions.

Using a web based system (such as google docs or etherpad) is clearly
very much easier from many devices/platforms.

Whilst at UDS I too experienced sobby crashes, lost documents,
difficulty choosing colours, difficulty identifying documents, as
outlined by others.


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