Using something better than Gobby for session notes at UDS

Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Thu Mar 24 19:35:05 UTC 2011

On Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 2:09 PM, Brad Figg <brad.figg at> wrote:
> Can we please consider an alternative such as:

I would prefer moving to the web for some other reasons (Regardless of
wether it's etherpad or gdocs or whatever):

 - We have a URL to the notes that we can just link in the schedule so
it's easy to get to the notes instead of digging in gobby.
    - The schedule effectively becomes an index of all our notes.
    - This can be human readable to match spec names:
 - We can actually see our notes on phones and tablets because it's just html.
 - Anyone not involved in UDS can just browse what they're interested
in instead of installing software to get to the information, it would
make UDS lower barrier and more transparent.
 - We can use normal web search post-UDS instead of constantly having
to dig in gobby and copying out the things we need and pasting onto
the wiki/Launchpad.

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