How to register blueprints at UDS-O

Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Wed Mar 30 16:18:59 UTC 2011

Ok everyone, it's that time where we start to submit blueprints for
UDS. Here's the info:


We're back to the "classic" track names, Desktop, Design, Community,
Server and Cloud, Foundations, Security, QA, and ARM/Linaro.

You register blueprints here:

As you register blueprints you submit them to uds-o and a track lead
approves them they get autoscheduled into the system. I made a video
on how to do this:

The video is old so ignore the beginning about the wiki and just pay
attention to the part where I talk about Launchpad. The naming
convention for the specs are as follows:


That means MOST specs for UDS-O should start with either desktop,
design, community, serverandcloud (or however Robbie names this),
foundations, QA, and or arm or linaro. If you're in an area that
requires a new namespace feel free to make one, just apply common
sense, remember that we do this so things sort right in gobby and
launchpad so try to keep it clean.



If you have something that you can't classify feel free to toss it in
"other", though this should be rare. If you're naming convention is a
mess and you haven't talked to me I will brutally rename things to
make them fit in their neat little place, so if you have questions on
naming just ping me.

After you have filed it and submitted it to uds-o it will get thrown
in a pile for the track leads to approve, and then show up on the
If it's been a few days and it's not on the schedule then ask your
track lead to approve it. If they don't have it then it means you
didn't submit it to UDS (see the video). Track leads will be approving
specs on a regular basis, so if you don't see your sessions on the
schedule it's up to YOU to bother the track lead.

Jono and I keep an eye on the incoming specs so if a track lead is
particularly swamped we help keep the submissions going smoothly, but
it helps tremendously when you check

If anyone has any questions please let me know. I am jcastro on freenode.

Please remember the deadline for blueprints is 5 May.

Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd.
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