Patch pilot report for March 4th, 2011.

Luke Yelavich themuso at
Fri Mar 4 02:34:18 UTC 2011

Nothing on IRC, so here is what I looked at during my time as patch pilot today:

* Merge proposal: lp:~mathieu-tl/ubuntu/natty/isc-dhcp/dhcp6 into lp:ubuntu/isc-dhcp
  - Needs fixing, Changes have been made to the package in natty since branch was
* Bug 721703: Awaiting reply from patch submitter as to whether the patch is needed
  in Ubuntu prior to upstream encorporating it into a release, since an affected
  package in Ubuntu is now built successfully. Marked incomplete.
* Bug 726783: Sent patch to Debian and upstream. Hopefully Debian will apply this
  patch in short order, and we can sync the package. Bug set to triaged.
* Bug 649993: Merged proposed branch into nautilus packaging branch, and uploaded.
* Bug #684802: Reviewed merge proposal, after reviewing changes made from comments,
  merged branch into ubiquity trunk.
* Bug #386893: Sent patch upstream, and marked it in progress as the patch submitter
  said he would try and have a go at improving what he has already started.
* Bug 728438: Patch applied cleanly, but still failed to build. Requested fixed patch.

Nice to have a small queue, although the above certainly kept me busy for my allotted time.


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