Claws mail build fails because it can't find /lib/

Barry Warsaw barry at
Wed Mar 2 16:37:06 UTC 2011

I've spent a couple of days on and off chasing an annoying bug in Claws Mail:

I've got a hint of a fix from upstream[1], which I'm trying to build and test,
but unfortunately, there's a little bit of yak shaving first.  The unchanged
Natty package does not build for me either locally in an sbuild, or in a PPA.

Claws was last built in the archive six weeks ago.  Since then, libgpg-error
was rebuilt, and I think the linker changes landed.  I don't know whether
either of those changes are related to the build failures in Claws, but it at
least seems related.

Note that there's a /usr/lib/ file and a
/usr/lib/ file, but no /lib/ file.  I haven't
yet been able to figure out why Claws' build wants to find it in /lib instead
of /usr/lib.

I built the unstable version in a sid chroot just fine.  I'm posting this
message to see if the build failure rings a bell with anybody.


[1] Upstream bugzilla:
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