Patch pilot report

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Mar 2 13:42:04 UTC 2011

I did about 4 hours of piloting today, reducing the queue from 41 to

 - lp:~mathieu-tl/ubuntu/natty/isc-dhcp/dhcpv6: sent to Debian, but rather
   should find a common solution with them
 - dbus (#552404): uploaded to natty, maverick, lucid
 - udev (#719418): committed to packaging bzr, not uploaded because of freeze
 - lp:~thibault.lemaitre/ubuntu/natty/grass/use-preferred-web-browser: set as
   rejected, RAOF already forwarded to Debian, and we won't apply it in Ubuntu
 - lp:~timo-jyrinki/language-selector/fi-libreoffice-voikko/+merge/51006:
   merged, uploaded
 - lp:~gunnarhj/language-selector/dmrc-logic: merged, uploaded
 - lp:~cr3/ubuntu/natty/checkbox/0.11.1: merged, uploaded
 - pidgin-libnotify (#408624): turned from inline modification into proper
   patch, uploaded
 - glibmm2.4 (#725304): uploaded
 - lp:~ris/ubuntu/natty/empathy/fix-538963: patch got included upstream, and
   invalid merge proposal, rejected
 - lp:~jderose/ubuntu/natty/couchdb/fix-716237: needs fixing for broken-out
   debian/patches/ patch
 - lp:~shaneharbour/ubuntu/natty/computer-janitor/bug-726616: fixed, and
   committed into trunk
 - lp:~andreserl/ubuntu/maverick/vsftpd/sru1: merged, uploaded
 - vsftpd_2.2.2-3ubuntu6.1_source.changes: merged, uploaded
 - bastet (#724310): uploaded with minor fixes
 - gdm (#724205): patch updated to 2.32, re-sent upstream, committed to
   packaging bzr
 - lp:~gilir/software-properties/fix-721778: applied better patch to bzr,
 - lp:~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/natty/kbarcode/collision: already determined to
   be noise, closed
 - atom4 (#727253): Link Debian bug, uploaded with minor changelog fix
 -  lp:~beehock/ubuntu/natty/lirc/lirc-fix-695767, reviewed, needs fixing and
    forwarding to Debian
 - lp:~sbeattie/ubuntu/natty/logwatch/logwatch-fixups: uploaded
 - lp:~jtaylor/ubuntu/natty/update-manager/update-manager-fix-695186: Wrong
   branch; applied patch to correct branch, added missing Replaces:, committed

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