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Thu Jun 23 19:32:18 UTC 2011

Hi Rodney, Martin,

As part of our bug 788514 efforts to get rid of python-support and
python-central on our CDs, I've run across python-oauth.  There's good news
and bad news ;).

The good news: Debian has version 1.0.1-3 which tracks upstream's 1.0.1, the
most current release on the Cheeseshop.  It has already been converted to

The bad news: well, there's several!  Since you guys are the last to touch the
package on Ubuntu, I'm hoping you can shed some light.  Note that AFAICT, it
was last modified in Karmic.

* The version numbers are borked.  Ubuntu has 1.0a~svn1124-0ubuntu2 while sid
  has 1.0.1-3.  The Ubuntu version number is higher, but it represents an
  older version of the upstream library.  So we'll have to play games with the
  version numbers when we update the Ubuntu package.
  (e.g. 1.0a.isreally.1.0.1-3ubuntu1 or some such).

* The package importer is barfing on python-oauth, so there's no Debian source
  branch available.  This makes it more difficult to merge because even though
  you can import the sid .dsc (`bzr import-dsc`), there's no common ancestor
  for `bzr merge` to work from.

* From the debian/changelog of the Ubuntu branch, it looks like Rodney and
  Martin have made in-tree changes, not all of which have been applied
  upstream.  This will make it even more difficult to merge, because your
  fixes are more difficult to separate out.

* Do we have any idea whether the rdeps on python-oauth are even compatible
  with the latest upstream version?

And note that by "latest" I'm talking really ancient stuff anyway.  The last
Ubuntu package change was on 2009-09-24 while the last Cheeseshop upload was

I'm not sure what to do about this package, but as we're making awesome
progress on bug 788514, I'd really like to get this one resolved.

Thanks for any information you can provide.
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