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On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 10:39 AM, Daniel Holbach
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> Am 16.06.2011 14:46, schrieb Scott Kitterman:
> > On Thursday, June 16, 2011 01:25:05 AM Steve Kowalik wrote:
> >> On 16/06/11 16:11, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> >>> This new page still offers substantially less functionality than
> >>> MoM/grab-merge.  If you want to mark merges as in progress or leave
> >>> merge related notes for other developers, MoM is the place to do that.
> >>
> >> Then file bugs! And please tag them 'derivation'.
> >
> > If it's a goal of the Launchpad team to have this be suitable to replace
> MoM
> > then rather than me file stacks of bugs it would probably be a more
> useful use
> > of everyone's time for whoever in the Launchpad team is driving this to
> go
> > look at MoM and see what's missing.
> >
> > Just to get you started though, it apparently needs to be faster if one
> wants
> > to load a single page with a lot of packages.  See OOPS-1993DY5 for
> details.
> The way I read the mails up until now, I couldn't see anyone suggesting
> to remove current infrastructure or resources.

Bryce wrote in his opening e-mail 'This includes a comment area to allow
packagers to mark merges they're working on or leave notes for other
packagers'. Some might understand this e-mail to suggest developers should
start using this new feature for the purpose Bryce suggested instead of MoM.
Such a misunderstanding would result in some developers using this new
feature to track merges while others would continue to use MoM. Scott simply
replied with clarification that MoM is still the right place to track merge
which Steven, a launchpad developer, replied saing  'then file bugs!' which
might again suggest that maybe this new feature *is* intended to supersede
the use of MoM. Scott rightfully points out that if Launchpad developers do
want this feature to supersede MoM then it would be a better use of
everyone's time for the launchpad developers to go take a look at an already
existing tool that fills this need quite well.

> Even if that was the proposition, I think it should be possible to point
> out shortcomings in a politer way.

I think Scott was polite. Nothing he wrote is rude, offensive, derogatory,
or demotivating. Scott and I were actually involved in the user testing for
this feature at UDS in Budapest. Scott was actually quite excited about this

I can see how maybe his first post can come across as bit harsh by its self
but you left out in your quote of his e-mail Scott's quote from Bryce's
e-mail about the comment feature. The additional context puts Scott's
comment in a completely different tone.

I just tried to put myself into the shoes of a Launchpad developer,
> think how I put a lot of time into very boring, tedious and very generic
> work to make Launchpad understand distros, derivatives, differences
> between source packages, then reached a milestone and want to give
> developers an update about what has been done and how it might be useful
> to them, then I get a reply like the one above.

I'm not sure the launchpad developers would agree with you that their work
is boring, tedious, and generic.

If I was on the LP team, I would find it disheartening and I would think
> twice before I ever post something to the list again.

Bryce isn't a launchpad developer. However, I think if any of the launchpad
developers, who are no strangers to any of the participants in this thread,
had a serious problem with Scott's reply they'd bring it up themselves.

> To sum it up: I think it's important to discuss, find problems and
> solutions, but it should be in an encouraging and not in a demotivating
> way.

Respectfully, the only thing demotivating in this thread is your reply. I
think you owe Scott an apology.


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