Patch pilot Report 2011-06-10

Didier Roche didrocks at
Fri Jun 10 11:09:12 UTC 2011

Some report on my patch pilot journey:

Unity Quicklist in different applications :
some discussion on the guideline. I got the design team to decide a
policy on capitalization:

JohnLea | didrocks; First letter of each line capitalized, names all
capitalized.  e.g. "Create 
a new document" and "Open Office" are both correct.

He has update the guidelines in the FAQ of
and elements

I also directly talked to cdbs about forwarding those patchs upstream as
I documented in the above example (and using Indeed, it's important for us to
avoid unnecessary delta that those patches are reported upstream. We
have cases of non ubuntu directly related project where they are already
upstream: gnome-screenshot (in gnome-utils), inkscape, libreoffice…

So, merge put on hold until the patch is tagged and reported usptream.
Will sponsor it shortly after then

approved and sponsored

seems to be already in discussion with several for and back, let it that

Poke people to look at it

patches were made against the wrong branch and in debian/patches as well
as in the tree. Took some time to explain on the merge request how it
works, how to ensure to take the primary branch and apply patches.
Recommitted the change in the right branch, add debian/changelog and

as the previous one, the wrong branch was targeted. I have put the
commit back in
using --author. However, I noticed as well that 0.3.8-0ubuntu2 was
sponsored without the right branch being committed (despite the right
branch being in Vcs-Bzr tag), so I rewrote the history for that one as
well trying to get the right commits.

Those issues where we loose contributor and our time just for ensuring
and reporting commits in the right branch make me think that for desktop
team branch (as most of them are in
~ubuntu-desktop/<package_name>/ubuntu, we should maybe point the
canonical branch (lp:ubuntu/<pakage_name>) to them? Same with compiz
which is under ~compiz?

Also, as discussed wih dholbach, those branches are seen as "upstream"
by launchpad, not packaging branch.

Now that the MIR is acked, security issue done, promoting to main

Blacklist and removed the packages

Sync acked

* I've also processed some sync which were acked but waiting in the same


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