shrinking the desktop DVD image to 1.5GB

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Thu Jun 9 05:21:48 UTC 2011

Allison Randal [2011-06-08 15:50 -0700]:
> - Does a 1.5GB image sound useful?

For me, it's basically the difference between "useless hog" (it's
simply not worth downloading 4.5 GB and then finding a large enough
USB stick just to get three extra packages), and "very nice for
carrying around with you to get a larger set of applications", and 1.5
GB is a bearable download even with slower DSL links.

> - 1.5GB is what we keep coming back to, because it's a nice size to fit
> on a cheap 2GB flash card/USB stick with room for formatting and
> persistent data storage.

I agree. Also, as Bryce said, this isn't a physical limit, so we could
e. g. increase it by 10% each year.

> - What should we cut from the current DVD image (currently a superset of
> desktop, alternate, and server)? Or, perhaps more simply, what would be
> worth adding beyond the current 700MB CD image?

My preference would be to turn it into a large desktop CD.

I. e. we should remove the alternate/server parts and the pool, and
try to find a solution in ubiquity to remove the unnecessary langpacks
from the live system wholesale without having to wait for half an hour
in ubiquity.  That will get a bit hackish, but we know what langpacks
look like, so skipping the unneeded /usr/share/locale-langpack/...
files during copying and doing some careful dpkg brain surgery
might do the trick (perhaps purging is even fast enough if there
aren't any files from the package left?).

So from my side the DVD would be useful with better i18n support (just
the translations, not all the extra dictionaries etc.) and with the
featured applications that we have in the software-center, such as
GIMP, Inkscape, the full LibO, developer tools (devhelp/anjuta/etc.).
Some top-notch free games in the leagure of Wesnoth and frozen bubble
would also be nice IMHO.


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