shrinking the desktop DVD image to 1.5GB

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Thu Jun 9 00:46:16 UTC 2011

On Wednesday, June 08, 2011 06:50:30 PM Allison Randal wrote:
> At UDS-O, we discussed CD space again (as at many a past UDS). Colin has
> nicely summarized the discussion:
> Following on the tail of this, a few of us have been talking more about
> the idea of shrinking the 4.3GB DVD image down to a 1.5GB flash card/USB
> stick/DVD image. It's looking interesting enough to be worth talking
> about it more broadly.
> Ubuntu desktop will be sticking with the ~700MB image size in Oneiric
> (see the wiki page for details), so this isn't about reopening that
> discussion or about fitting things on the 700MB image.
> A few questions:
> - Does a 1.5GB image sound useful?
> - 1.5GB is what we keep coming back to, because it's a nice size to fit
> on a cheap 2GB flash card/USB stick with room for formatting and
> persistent data storage. It's about double the size of the current CD
> image, which allows plenty of room for a generous desktop image, without
> the painfully large download of the 4.3GB image. What other size
> considerations come to mind?
> - What should we cut from the current DVD image (currently a superset of
> desktop, alternate, and server)? Or, perhaps more simply, what would be
> worth adding beyond the current 700MB CD image?
> Allison

For Kubuntu we changed our DVD image in Natty to also provide a metapackage 
(kubuntu-full) that was meant to give a broader KDE experience than can be 
shoved into 700MB (things like Digikam, Koffice (this will be Calligra in 
Oneiric), etc.)  For Oneiric it's our intent to not releasee a CD sized 
alternate to reduce ISO QA requirements, so having the alternate installer 
available on the DVD is important (as are some other planned changes to reduce 
the number of use cases the live installer won't support).  As a result, I 
don't think the smaller DVD is very interesting for Kubuntu, so even if Ubuntu 
moves to the smaller size, please preserve the capability to retain the 
current image sizes.

Scott K

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