[ANNOUNCE] dh_splitpackage 0.2.2

Benjamin Drung bdrung at debian.org
Sat Jun 4 19:59:40 UTC 2011

Am Samstag, den 04.06.2011, 20:46 +0200 schrieb Zygmunt Krynicki:
> The new script can be called instead of dh_install (assuming all the 
> files you are interested in are already in debian/tmp/) or afterwards.

I looked at the man page of dh_splitpackage and compared it to
"dh_install --fail-missing". I found three differences. Please let me
know if there were more.

1. dh_splitpackage complains if a file ends up in more than one binary
package. Having the same file in two binary package leads to a conflict
if you want to install both binary packages. IMO dh_install should do
this check too.

2. dh_splitpackage put files in the primary package if no other install
destination is specified. I would love to see a command line option for
dh_install that does the same. For example, I want to call "dh_install
--put-everything-else-in=vlc-nox" for the daily builds of vlc.

3. dh_splitpackage supports more pattern than dh_install. To name them:
** for matching all directories, [] to match as specific set of
characters. I could live without that, but ** would be nice sometimes.

I think that dh_install could be improved to support all three points

The features of dh_splitpackage are great, but the configuration format
(JSON) seems to be too complex for this use case.

Benjamin Drung
Debian & Ubuntu Developer
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