[ANNOUNCE] dh_splitpackage 0.1

Zygmunt Krynicki zygmunt.krynicki at canonical.com
Sat Jun 4 08:58:14 UTC 2011

W dniu 04.06.2011 05:00, Scott Kitterman pisze:

>> For context. I wrote dh_splitpackage yesterday after being upset with
>> dh_install and failing to find any packages that would do what I wanted
>> easily. I did it while packaging the tools I'm developing daily so that
>> my users can install them easily. Nothing in this has any relation to my
>> employer, Canonical, Ubuntu or Linaro. I made this and the fault, if
>> any, is mine.
> I fail to find any evidence in Evan's reply that he thought otherwise.  I find
> it quite odd that you are so certain of it.  It may not be clear to you, but
> Ubuntu and Canonical are not at all the same thing.

I wanted to make clear that my announcement or Evan's negative reaction 
should not be associated with any of those parties as that was not my 

>> Productive for who? I never even knew Joey (no disrespect to him). I
>> solved my problem and shared the solution. My problem is solved. Better
>> yet, I did not make the general problem worse.
>> Look at this as a contribution to possible pool of solutions that the
>> greater Debian community may choose to adopt.
> My impression is that for that to be possible it probably needs a different
> author.

If something like dh_splitpackage makes it way into debhelper by the 
time next LTS is released I would be very happy use it.

> You don't appear to have any interest in collaboration to improve
> things for the greater benefit.  I see you've had some involvement in Ubuntu
> for some time and are an Ubuntu Member, so I think you should know you are not
> working with people the way we try to do in Ubuntu.  When I read your initial
> message I thought it sounded interesting.

Digging through dh_install bugs, talking to maintainers, backporting 
(fixed) debhelper to lucid (Linaro requirement) would all be much better 
for the platform. It is just the case that currently I cannot invest the 
time required to do so.

I am interested in collaboration. I express my collaboration by 
documenting, testing, releasing and announcing a script that works, 
IMHO, much better at this particular problem than existing solutions.

 > I'm not interested anymore.

Why? Has anything technical changed since?

> Your project (Linaro) is downstream of both Ubuntu and Debian, so trying to
> contribute your work upstream is a good thing.  If you aren't interested in
> collaboration, I don't understand why you bothered to write ubuntu-devel.
> Lots of people contribute to Ubuntu that don't have Ubuntu development as
> their primary focus.  The same is true with Debian.

Linaro is both upstream and new-software. There is a mixture of upstream 
and downstream connections between Linaro and Debian+Ubuntu. In my work 
I work solely as an upstream and I package the results for easier 
eventual inclusion downstream and for immediate benefit to current users.

> No.  It's completely unrelated to the email address you posted from.  It was
> caused by an Ubuntu developer trying to give you helpful advice on how to get
> your work included in Ubuntu (because that's what it looked like you were
> trying to accomplish).

I just wanted to announce my script, that's all. Posting to ubuntu-devel 
seemed like a good place for people to notice and comment.

Best regards
Zygmunt Krynicki

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