How to properly communicate on what components versions we will use in a cycle?

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Fri Dec 2 14:56:58 UTC 2011

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Sebastien Bacher wrote on 29/11/11 18:44:
> ...
> I'm going to send emails to ubuntu-devel about the versions of 
> webkit and poppler (and maybe some other components as well) the 
> desktop team plans to use, I'm interested to know if: - that list 
> is the right place for those informations and to get feedback on 
> the choices we are taking - those informations are useful for you 
> (do all the derivatives teams read the list?) - we have a standard 
> way to track the choices different teams have taken about
> targetted for the versions (with maybe some reasons on the "why")
> or if we should try to get one? - what components should be
> discussed this way (or another)? I guess each derivatives has a
> list of components they depends on and would welcome to be informed
> and able to give their feedback on the choices we are doing.
> ...

Independent application developers are likely to want to know those
component versions.

For example, someone developing an application that embeds Webkit
would want to know whether, in Ubuntu 12.04, they will be able to rely
on features introduced in a particular Webkit version. And ideally,
they'd want to know this months beforehand.

So if one standard way is set up to document those component versions
for each Ubuntu release, maybe that standard way should be a page on

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