patch pilot report 2011-08-22

Scott Moser smoser at
Mon Aug 22 17:58:54 UTC 2011

Below is what I worked on during my patch pilot time today.
General theme is that I'm either unsure how to or unable to get some of
these off of the sponsorship queue.

At very least, lp:~bones/ubuntu/natty/radiotray/fix-for-722886 should be
dropped, but read below for others.

- lp:~pali/ubuntu/natty/plymouth/plymouth
  Checked in on this, Pali's initial patch at to upstream plymouth
  mailing list at [1] did not get a response, he pinged again, and
  got a "will look at it soon" response at [2].

  Also, sent a personal message saying "thank you" for his effort
  and explained that Ubuntu is interested in his contributions, but
  a number of factors make this a more difficult change to pull.

- lp:~vanvugt/ubuntu/natty/bcmwl/fix-793890
  pinged stgraber, asked for quick review.  He will look at this on his
  patch pilot on wednesday.

- lp:~psusi/ubuntu/natty/gnome-power-manager/fix-duplicate-battery
  This has been uploaded, and is in natty-proposed.  The relevant
  bug ( is in the right state, looks like this
  should fall off soon.

  I do not have access (nor did mdeslaur to mark it merged), so
  I could not get it off of the queue.  Per SpamapS this will go
  next time updates are processed.

- lp:~s3th/ubuntu/natty/gnome-power-manager/fix-g_free-on-uninitialized-icon_name
  This branch is in "needs fixing" per mvo, as a request was made to the
  author to open a bug and propose it for natty.  That request has not
  been done.

  Similar to above, I do not think this branch should be in the queue, but
  do not seem to have access to change the 'Status'

- lp:~utlemming/ubuntu/oneiric/atop/oneiric
  This should be moved out of queue until submitter makes changes
  requested.  How should that be done?

- lp:~bones/ubuntu/oneiric/gnomebaker/fix-for-818364
  added a review, asked for some changes, this should be moved out of
  queue until submitter makes changes.

- lp:~ephess/ubuntu/lucid/php5/fix-for-651049
  This merge proposal is against an old branch of php5 due to failed
  import at

  I suggested to the user to get source with 'apt-get source' and attach
  a debdiff to the bug.  It would seem that merge proposal won't work for
  this bug.

- lp:~scarneiro/ubuntu/oneiric/xoscope/fix-for-755956
  verified the merge fixes the problem, asked user to submit to debian.
  The fix disables failure based on deprecation, and I asked if it might
  be possible to fix the deprecated warnings rather than disabling checks.

- lp:~vanvugt/ubuntu/oneiric/geeqie/fix-788321
  verified the problem, and tested that the merge proposal fixes it for me
  when running oneiric Unity.  I'm not really knowledgeable enough
  to comment on the correctness of the patch with regard to its behavior
  in X in general.

- lp:~lynxman/ubuntu/oneiric/swift/swift-upstart
  got lynxman to move to the packaging branch rather than ubuntu branch

-  lp:~dannf/ubuntu/natty/multipath-tools/lp829061
  pingged dannf in irc and suggested change to the version number.
  Other than that, it looks good to me. It is a cherry picked commit
  from upstream.
  This is an easy cherry pick for someone with upload perms.
  Note, that is also being worked, but I'd guess
  we should not stop pulling 829061 based on it.

- lp:~paulbrianstewart/ubuntu/oneiric/balazarbrothers/829819-Spelling-Error-Fix
  As Seb128 pointed out, we dont' want to carry a delta on this package
  just for this.  He requested the user open a debian bug.  Unless someone
  feels differently, I would think that this should be moved out of the
  queue, and the merge proposal NAK'd.

- lp:~bones/ubuntu/natty/radiotray/fix-for-722886
  This should be moved out of the queue.  micahg disapproved of the SRU
  to natty for this spelling fix. Oneiric has this fix.

  Someone able to remove this merge proposal?

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