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Thu Aug 11 10:48:09 UTC 2011

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On 8/11/2011 12:32 PM, Rick Spencer wrote:
> On 08/11/2011 12:02 PM, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
>>> To this list I'd add: * It should be brainlessly easy for users
>>> to submit this data. Either a single "Yes, submit this crash"
>>> confirmation, or a check box to automatically submit these
>>> crashes.  One of the features that the X team really desire out
>>> of this sort of database is "how frequent is this kind of
>>> problem", which requires the widest possible sample space.
>> With my proposed design it's two clicks to submit, then another
>> click to dismiss the error message. Probably I should simplify it
>> further.
> Would it not be possible for the user to opt in, and then have the 
> reports submitted silently in the background on behalf of the user 
> without bothering them at all?
> If I had a butler, I would be annoyed if he asked me to ok crash
> reports before he sent them in for me. I'd want to tell the butler
> "just send the crash reports without bothering me about them".
> Cheers, Rick

I think it is pretty common to ask your approval before sending any data
to a 3rd party organization. I think it is also fine to have both a
"ignore future crashes" and a "always send without prompting" selections.


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