Crash database requirements

Rick Spencer rick.spencer at
Thu Aug 11 10:32:40 UTC 2011

On 08/11/2011 12:02 PM, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
>> To this list I'd add:
>>   * It should be brainlessly easy for users to submit this data.
>> Either a single "Yes, submit this crash" confirmation, or a check box
>> to automatically submit these crashes.  One of the features that the X
>> team really desire out of this sort of database is "how frequent is
>> this kind of problem", which requires the widest possible sample
>> space.
> With my proposed design it's two clicks to submit, then another click to
> dismiss the error message. Probably I should simplify it further.
Would it not be possible for the user to opt in, and then have the 
reports submitted silently in the background on behalf of the user 
without bothering them at all?

If I had a butler, I would be annoyed if he asked me to ok crash reports 
before he sent them in for me. I'd want to tell the butler "just send 
the crash reports without bothering me about them".

Cheers, Rick

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