ari-tczew to be excluded from Ubuntu community

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Apr 8 11:03:47 UTC 2011

Am 08.04.2011 12:46, schrieb Stephan Adig:
> Was this a private meeting? When it wasn't, could you point to the
> irclogs?

It was a rather long email exchange between the CC and the DMB.

In addition to that there were a number of CC and DMB who spent hours
talking to various people who were involved in the incidents trying to
calm the waters, understand and look for solutions for weeks.

Again: I don't feel it's very helpful to discuss "evidence", "claims"
and merits and mistakes of specific people in a place as visible and
public as this mailing list. Not because I'm against transparency, but
because of the damaging effects this has on reputation outside Ubuntu
realms, etc (note that I never used any full name here).

I realise that some of you might be surprised by this announcement,
especially if you just noticed ari-tczew as somebody who worked hard on
making Ubuntu better. He himself and others who were involved in long,
sometimes heated discussions should be aware of what happened.


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