brainstorming for UDS-N - Package Selection and Defaults

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Thu Sep 30 03:54:46 BST 2010

Op dinsdag 28-09-2010 om 18:56 uur [tijdzone -0400], schreef Mackenzie
> Looking at old Blueprints, I saw one for font management from 2006.
> [1] It reminded me that Akkana Peck was not long ago complaining in
> #ubuntu-women about the font manager situation (no way to tell apps
> not to show fonts for languages she doesn't speak, no way to
> categorise, etc) in Ubuntu.  She ended up writing an app called
> Fontasia[2] that handles these use-cases nicely.  
> Perhaps time to revisit that old spec and include such an app?
> [1]
> [2]

There is also Font Manager, which works great:
One of the nice features is that you can disable system fonts.

Jan Claeys

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