brainstorming for the UDS-N session list

Dustin Kirkland kirkland at
Wed Sep 29 17:11:59 BST 2010

Scott Kitterman <ubuntu at> wrote:
> I would like to see some work on the traditional server boot experience.  It
> regressed significantly in Lucid and has gotten some improvement in Maverick,
> but I don't think it's had a good looking over by server admins.  For server
> admins a logo is not what it beautiful.  Information about what's going on
> with their system is what tends to delight them.  Myself, if I'm booting a
> server where I can see the boot it's for trouble shooting and so I like it to
> be a bit chatty.  What is "good" is in many respects the opposite of what
> makes a good desktop boot.


Improved desktop boot experience has seriously impacted the usability
and function of traditional Ubuntu Server and Cloud installations.

To me, "elegance", in a server boot, is compromised of meaningful
log/info/warning/error messages, coupled with a convenient way to drop
to a prompt (be it grub, initramfs, or the system shell), as soon as
needed.  We've lost (or heavily masked) those server boot requirements
over the last few releases.


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