brainstorming for UDS-N - Application Developers

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Wed Sep 29 02:38:18 BST 2010

On Tuesday, September 28, 2010 05:31:26 pm Rick Spencer wrote:
> We want to empower, engage and harness application developers to develop
> on and for Ubuntu. These sessions cover the many elements in achieving
> that goal.
> What's high on your list for this area?
> There are some existing conversations and threads that people should
> feel free to comment on in addition to any new areas:
> * Changes to the implementation of the New Apps on stable releases
> (suggestions have included changing the system to use backports as an
> avenue onto a stable release, for example).
> * Changes to the Application Review Board process (including, for
> example, eliminating it and replacing it with a streamlined backports
> process).
> * Enhancement, changes to tools such as Glade, Gedit, etc...
> * Anything about Quickly and/or Quickly Widgets, including new
> templates, improvements to the existing template, new widgets, etc...
> * Information Architecture for application developers, including a
> developers manual, etc...
> Cheers, Rick

As a counterpoint to the sandbox system I suggested in another message, I 
think that if what we are delivering is a Debian package, it should go through 
our traditional review processes and then, if desired, be backported.  There 
are some issues in the apt-resolver and we would need to present the two 
potentially available versions sensibly, but I think the effort required to do 
so is modest.  Fortunately I've got a spec on it's fourth UDS ready to go for 

Scott K

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