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Wed Sep 29 00:27:11 BST 2010


As I am writing this mail, we have 67 main bugs that wait for a sponsor
compared to 10 bugs for universe [1]. There are bugs that are two years
old in this list.

What can we do to make the queue empty?

1. One solution would be that every core-dev review one or two bugs from
the list.

2. For every request ask the last uploader of the package to review the

3. The other way would be to get help from MOTU. MOTUs could test the
patches, request improvement (if required), can forward, and refresh the
patches. If they have verified that it should be uploaded, they could
mark these bugs (for example, a tag like reviewed-by-motu). Then a
core-dev could process these bugs first. This would rase the ratio of
uploaded vs reviewed requests. This should be only done to reduce the
backlog and should become the normal case.

What are you thinking?

PS: Please have a look a sponsor-patch (in ubuntu-dev-tools 0.104). It
will speed up the review process.

( is not up-to-date due
to a bug)

Benjamin Drung
Ubuntu Developer ( | Debian Maintainer (
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