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Daniel Hahler ubuntu+lists at thequod.de
Tue Sep 28 17:12:01 BST 2010

Am 01.09.2010 16:35, schrieb Daniel Holbach:

> Can you please let us know how you automate the process? (And no, 'this
> is just a bad personal hack' is no excuse. :-))

For me, this single shell function often comes in handy:

wpatch () {
        echo "wget $PATCH_URL -O- | zless | cat | patch -p1 $@"
        wget $PATCH_URL -O- | zless | patch -p1 "$@"

So I can easily use "asrc $PACKAGE ; cd $PACKAGE* ; wpatch $URLTOPATCH".

"asrc" is basically just a "apt-get source" alias, see
which points to http://github.com/blueyed/dotfiles/blob/master/sh/source.d/apt.

Then I have an alias to to a signed debuild:
  alias sdebuild='debuild -S -k3FE63E00 -v$(debverprevubuntu)'
which uses the following alias to get the appropriate version for "-v":
  alias debverprevubuntu="dpkg-parsechangelog --format rfc822 --count 1000 | grep '^Version: ' | grep ubuntu | head -n2 | tail -n1 | sed 's/^Version: //'"
(this is in "aliases" in the same dotfiles repo path)



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