[Fwd: String changes post User Interface freeze without notification]

David Planella david.planella at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 17 17:08:17 BST 2010

Hi all,

I'm forwarding this message to the developers list, as not many
developers are subscriber to the translators list.

Please remember that we are in User Interface Freeze, and if you need to
upload a package with modifications to visible strings you should at
least notify the translators and documentation lists:


It is only a matter of sending an e-mail that should not take more than
10 minutes to compose. This way we can ensure that:

a) They are aware of the change and it gets translated
b) They have enough time to do the actual translations

The same thing applies to user interface changes: the documentation team
needs to be aware to be able to sync the documentation to the actual
application behaviour.



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De: Laco Gubík <lacogubik at gmail.com>
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Assumpte: String changes post User Interface freeze without notification
Data: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 15:44:51 +0100


In past few days I have observed that following modules had new
strings added: rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store, unity, indicator-me.

I have not seen any announcement regarding this in this mailing list
(please correct me if I missed something), which is what should happen
according this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserInterfaceFreeze.

Could somebody please explain why is this happening and what can be
done to avoid this in future? If current process is not suitable, then
perhaps it should be changed. Translators should be aware of last
minute changes, otherwise it can be quite frustrating for them.
(I found strange and disappointing that this happens with
canonical/ubuntu managed modules, as it was them who put this process
in place).

Kind regards

Laco Gubík

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