major problem with ibus 1.3.7 for ubuntu 10.10 beta no default languages installed

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Thu Sep 16 09:49:05 BST 2010

 On 16/09/10 01:06, Computerguy wrote:
> I am sorry for messaging you about this problem but I have gotten no
> where with this on launchpad. While testing ubuntu 10.10 beta I found
> major bug with ibus 1.3.7 that deals with all of the other languages
> being installed. The problem is all of the languages are not installed
> by default. The only 2 that show up are chinese and other. I have filed
> a bug on lanuchpad.
> I was wondering you might could see if this problem can be fixed before
> ubuntu 10.10 is released.
> I have posted the steps to fix the problem.
> I am running ubuntu 10.10 beta. I am running this in virtualbox with a
> fresh install. I clicked on the keyboard input methods. Then when I
> clicked on the input methods tab to select an input method the only 2
> langauges that show up are chinese and other.
> To get the all of the other lanaguages to install I had to open up
> synaptic then search for a package called ibus-m17. Then when I
> downloaded the ibus-m17 package and then I logged out. When I logged
> back in and started ibus all of the other languages became available.
> Thank you, Shawn

Hi Shawn, am cc'ing Martin and ubuntu-devel@ with the full context of
your mail. I doubt we have space for every language but I would expect
languages to come in based on language preferences in the system.
Martin, do you know how ibus language support is packaged?


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