Proposal for a JavaLibraryFreeze

Dave Walker DaveWalker at
Wed Nov 3 14:10:35 GMT 2010

On 03/11/10 13:13, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> Could someone write up a plan for what libraries we should be aiming for for
> Natty?
> Scott K

Hi Scott,

Trying to determine base, and target versions for natty is surprisingly 
difficult.  As we discussed, Java upstreams usually use a tarball like 
dependency method to satisfy their requirements.  We have *no* chance of 
changing the whole Java ecosystem to better suite distribution, although 
perhaps having influence on some.  This means that some projects which 
we rely upon tracking the development version, the upstream project 
likely doesn't know exactly what dependencies they need.

However, in order to have a plan of what java dependencies we should be 
providing for Natty; we still need an enriched governance model.  
JamesPage is, AIUI, proposing a stricter requirement on requiring a post 
DIF exception for Java libraries (perhaps main only?), which seems to 
make best sense IMO.

Kind Regards,
Dave Walker

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