proposal: delegates (including map to person names and lp ids)

Didier Roche didrocks at
Fri Mar 26 18:29:01 GMT 2010

Le vendredi 26 mars 2010 à 18:58 +0100, Stefan Potyra a écrit :
> Hi,
> (resending original mail at [1], this time with names, launchpad ids and irc 
> nicks) 
> this is a possible list of delegates for packages found in universe. confirmed
> means that the person in question already volunteered to take that position,
> unconfirmed means that I didn't get an answer (yet).
> * kde: drop, covered by Jonathan Riddell (~jr) [Riddell] already.
> * server: drop, covered by Scott Kitterman (~kitterman) [ScottK] already.
> * mythbuntu: Mario Limonciello (~superm1) [superm1] (confirmed)
> * mozilla team: Alexander Sack (~asac) [asac] (confirmed), Micah Gersten 
> (~micahg) [micahg] (fallback - confirmed)
> * ubuntustudio: drop, response time was not too good in the past.
> * xubuntu: Cody A.W. Somerville (~cody-somerville) [cody-somerville] 
> (confirmed), Lionel Le Folgoc (~mrpouit) [mr_pouit] (unconfirmed)
> * desktop (gnome): Sebastien Bacher (~seb128) [seb128] (unconfirmed)
> * netbook: merging with desktop? still needed? maybe Didier Roche  (~didrocks) 
> [didrocks] (unconfirmed)?
> * edubuntu: Jonathan Carter (~jonathan) [highvoltage] (unconfirmed), Stéphane 
> Graber (~stgraber) [stgraber] (confirmed)

I'm happy to deal with netbook related packages for FFe.

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