What about the non-critical bugs?

Luca Falavigna dktrkranz at ubuntu.com
Sun Mar 7 19:07:03 GMT 2010

Il giorno Sun, 07 Mar 2010 17:20:00 +0100
David Henningsson <diwic at ubuntu.com> ha scritto:

> Perhaps adding a lucid-smallbugfixes (that should be opt-in, not
> opt-out, or there wouldn't be a difference between that and
> lucid-updates) or somehow have one or many ppas that we dedicate to
> this purpose?

SRU process [1] states that bugs that "have an obviously safe patch and
affect an application rather than critical infrastructure packages
(like X.org or the kernel)" could be candidate for an update.

When I was a motu-sru member, I approved several non-critical bugs if
more users required such a fix, and nobody complained as long as the
test phase was conducted correctly.

I think the best approach would be keeping the same SRU process as we
already have, eventually extending it to other bugs with high user
interaction (i.e. papercut bugs).

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates

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