What about the non-critical bugs?

David Henningsson diwic at ubuntu.com
Sun Mar 7 16:20:00 GMT 2010

After a stable version is released, additional bugs will be found. Some
of them qualify for an SRU, but a lot of them won't. Perhaps they're not
critical enough, the risc of regression is too high, the bug is down in
the infrastructure, it's just a minor annoyance for a few users, etc.

Yet I believe fixing those bugs would make a lot of Ubuntu users happy.

Right now we deal with that situation mainly by letting our users search
around for a ppa where the bug is fixed. That's a little risky from a
security point of view, and perhaps not as user-friendly as we would
like. We also have backports, but AFAIK that's for releasing newer
versions, rather than fixing bugs.

I don't have a really good proposal for solving this. I just remember
myself thinking a few times that "I've fixed this bug and it will likely
help quite a few users, but the best I can do is to put the fixed
version in my ppa, and announce that in the bug report".
Perhaps adding a lucid-smallbugfixes (that should be opt-in, not
opt-out, or there wouldn't be a difference between that and
lucid-updates) or somehow have one or many ppas that we dedicate to this

// David

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