Package Sets and Sponsoring

Emmet Hikory persia at
Mon Mar 1 11:25:47 GMT 2010

Daniel Holbach wrote:
> In the second part of my mail, I'd like to suggest to collapse the
> ubuntu-universe-sponsors and ubuntu-main-sponsors teams into one
> (ubuntu-sponsors). With the advent of package sets and permissions
> changes this model just doesn't make sense any more and it makes the
> process unnecessarily complicated.

    With the recent improvements to the sponsoring overview page (1),
I think this makes perfect sense.  I noticed that the item was
deferred at the last Technical Board meeeing (2), and think that we
ought just proceed with the merge, rather take up the time of the
Technical Board to get permission to do so.  Neither of the groups was
created by direction of the Technical Board, and no developers have
raised objections to the merge of the teams beyond issues with
discoerability.  I'm not suggesting we proceed with the merge if
members of the Technical Board disagree, but they have not done so in
this thread (and I don't imagine them to be more likely to do so in a
formal meeting).

    So, for those who want to improve discoverability of sponsoring
opportunities, please file bugs against the sponsoring overview (or
submit patches).  If anyone believes we have not reached consensus in
this thread, please complain quickly and with specific objections to
the merge.

    As the owner of ~ubuntu-universe-sponsors, I'm fully amenable to a
merge.  I suggest that we first implement this by just making the
individual teams members of the new team, and encourage members to
migrate over time by changing the policies to not let individuals
self-renew, and update all the documentation.

    Once the membership and subsciption lists of either team is empty,
that team can be removed from launchpad.

    As the owner of ~ubuntu-main-sponsors, does that seem like a
reasonable way to proceed to you?



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