Testing needed for GRUB EFI support

Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at ubuntu.com
Tue Jun 8 23:43:21 BST 2010

On 8 June 2010 23:07, Colin Watson <cjwatson at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 08, 2010 at 06:04:38PM -0400, Chase Douglas wrote:
>> > I am interested in results from all of the following general categories
>> > of x86 systems, both 32-bit and 64-bit:
>> >
>> >  * BIOS (if you don't know, it's BIOS)
>> >  * Intel-based Mac
>> >  * Other EFI system
>> >
>> > Please report results in the following format so that I can collate them
>> > easily:
>> >
>> >   System: [brief description of your system, with manufacturer and model]
>> >   Boots from CD: [yes/no]
>> >   $prefix when booted from CD: [result of 'echo $prefix']
>> Any interest in knowing whether it boots from usb stick as well? Intel
>> Macs won't boot from usb sticks no matter what I try. I'd be delighted
>> if this solved the issue.
> Sebastien Bacher said that the test image I have didn't boot from USB,
> although I'd hoped that it might, so I didn't want to waste people's
> time by asking for testing of that.  If you want to try dding it to a
> USB stick and booting from it (usb-creator and similar things won't work
> on this), then that can't hurt so feel free to try.
> However, note that ideally I'm not actually trying to change behaviour
> on Intel Macs here, since I'm told that it's best for them to boot using
> BIOS mode so that certain drivers continue to work.  (I'm not sure I'm
> 100% clear on how to achieve this, mind you ...)

According to the UEFI spec removal media should have:

If FilePathList[0] points to a device that supports the
EFI_SIMPLE_FILE_SYSTEM_PROTOCOL, then the system firmware will attempt
to boot from a
removable media FilePathList[0] by adding a default file name in the form
\EFI\BOOT\BOOT{machine type short-name}.EFI. Where machine type
short-name defines a
PE32+ image format architecture. Each file only contains one UEFI
image type, and a system may
support booting from one or more images types. Table 11 lists the UEFI
image types.

x86_64 \EFI\BOOT\BOOTx64.EFI

Your image doesn't seem to comply with that.....

I have manage to make grub.efi to chainload grub-pc on intel mac which
works wonderful ;-) and with recent posts on ubuntuforums it seems
like only macs with nvidia have trouble with efi boot. But loads of
the test results are with outdated grub....

Testing you image now with CD & usb....

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