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Tue Jun 1 07:24:30 BST 2010


On Mon, 31 May 2010, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> Thus, I don't think it's reasonable to expect Ubuntu packagers (in general)
> to also maintain their packages in Debian.  Where individual circumstances
> permit, this is of course a good thing, but it can't be a prerequisite for
> doing Ubuntu packaging work.

I was speaking of the case where Ubuntu/Canonical developers are the upstream
developers. I guess upstream maintenance is far more work than simple
package maintenance and maintaining the package in Debian is not much more
work. In particular if they are already doing it for Ubuntu anyway.

Not pushing it to Debian means that you miss the feedback of the Debian
users/developers and you will have additionnal workload as upstream later
on when someone packages it in Debian anyway.

And it happened a few times now that when this happens the people on the
Ubuntu side are not very responsive. It sucks because the Debian and
Ubuntu packages will be out of sync, it sucks because good package
maintainers like to have the blessing/advice of the upstream authors
for some changes. :|

> Perhaps a useful middle ground would be to create a system to connect Ubuntu
> packages which are not yet in Debian with Debian developers who are
> interested in packaging them?

We had that as part of the Utnubu team at some point. It was really not
used and it's not that easy to find maintainers for software that are not
yet known because you just started writing them...

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