SRUs: Upload *FIRST* for review

Dave Walker DaveWalker at
Thu Jul 15 15:28:24 BST 2010

On 14/07/10 05:49, Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hello all,
> John Dong [2010-07-13 21:09 -0700]:
>> (1) Write SRU verification description in the bug report
>> (2) Subscribe ubuntu-sru
>> (3) Upload the patch into -proposed (or subscribe the sponsors queue)
> This has worked well for quite some time for most packages these days.
> It's indeed much easier to review packages which are already in the
> queue, and it is done either way to check if the uploaded patch
> matches the attached one.
> Also, since the uploads are still checked, there is no real
> encouragement to upload something half-broken. I estimate that I
> reject about 5% of all uploads, which is a very good ratio. Also,
> rejecting from the queue is a trivial operation.
> So my +1 on this one.
> Martin

I was under the impression that the current status was:
* If Main - Upload to queue and proceed through the SRU process,
documenting use case etc on the bug report.
* If non-main, get ack *before* uploading.

If this is changed, it still doesn't address the issue that perhaps the
current ~ubuntu-sru team is overworked.  I know all the team have other,
perhaps more pressing tasks to work on - but it does feel it's a
bottleneck at the moment.

Would having it wait in the unapproved queue help make the SRU ack
turnaround faster?

Kind Regards,
Dave Walker

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